What do you think about the redistricting maps?

Here are the maps:


They will appear on the screen in a reduced format.  You can set the size to 100%.  If you scroll to the right there is a Puget Sound map.

The Ceis map was interesting because it puts the high tech area of Bellevue / Redmond / Kirkland / Woodinville / Bothell and the Everett Boeing location all in one district, creating a high tech science corridor.  It also moves a great deal of Bellevue out Reichert’s area and gives him areas primarily to the east of the high tech corridor.

I was worried about the Huff plan because it takes the south part of Redmond out of #1 and puts it in Reichert’s district.  The south half of Redmond has a large senior citizen population, so you are putting Social Security and Medicare recipients in Reichert’s district.

What do you all think?

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