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What do you think about the redistricting maps?

Here are the maps:


They will appear on the screen in a reduced format.  You can set the size to 100%.  If you scroll to the right there is a Puget Sound map.

The Ceis map was interesting because it puts the high tech area of Bellevue / Redmond / Kirkland / Woodinville / Bothell and the Everett Boeing location all in one district, creating a high tech science corridor.  It also moves a great deal of Bellevue out Reichert’s area and gives him areas primarily to the east of the high tech corridor.

I was worried about the Huff plan because it takes the south part of Redmond out of #1 and puts it in Reichert’s district.  The south half of Redmond has a large senior citizen population, so you are putting Social Security and Medicare recipients in Reichert’s district.

What do you all think?



4 Replies to “What do you think about the redistricting maps?

  1. I was looking at them too. They’re slow to view and navigate.

    The Gorton plan puts Bellevue, Mercer Island, Renton, Tukwilla, Burien, Newcastle, Kent, and Des Moines in the 1st CD. The 8th would move east and south. I presume Reichert remain in the 8th. If so, that would allow for a progressive representative in the 1st and in Bellevue. Redmond and Kirkland would be in the 7th.

    The Foster plan puts those same districts (that comprise the 1st in the Gorton plan) into the 9th! The 1st would be further north. The 8th again moves east.

    As you say, the Ceis map would also put much of the East side in its own CD — which could be more progressive.

    The plans above are good for me.

    But the Huff plan puts Bellevue in the 8th CD, the rest of which is east and south. That would tend to hand the CD to Reichert or another conservative.

  2. The Gorton plan puts Redmond and Kirkland in the 2nd. That means the Redmond part of the current 45th is liberated from Reichert.

  3. I don’t think the Ceis state LD map works very well – it looks like it would take Martin C. out of the 45th and possibly put some of the 48th into the 45th.

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