Jane Hamsher: "His most ardent supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world"

Today, FIredoglake’s Jane Hamsher called Obama’s staunchest supporters “the dumbest motherfuckers in the world”. This is going too far. Way too far.

Progressives can’t abandon Obama and his supporters and be successful in 2012. Down-ticket candidates, especially the most progressive ones, are handicapped by this type of vitriol. We need a huge turnout in 2012, and we won’t get that without widespread support for Obama.

We Democrats eat our own. That’s what we do best, and as a result, good, progressive candidates lose.

Argue your point. Challenge Obama’s positions and strategies, but don’t call his supporters the “dumbest motherfuckers in the world”. That’s just too dumb for words.

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