Poll: Is gay marriage mostly a wedge issue and a distraction?

I suspect that one reason political leaders support (and oppose) gay marriage is to distract the voters from other issues such as war, military spending, the economy, economic justice, corruption, climate change, health care, taxation, and green energy. Politicians love wedge issues.

But maybe gay marriage is no less important than these issues. Maybe it is urgent to achieve marriage equality.

LGBT flag
LGBT flag (from Wikipedia)

Do you think the nationwide emphasis on gay marriage is a legitimate, urgent issue of fundamental civil rights? Or is it a wedge issue meant to distract the voters from more important issues?   How many gays care intently about full gay marriage? Would domestic partnership suffice?

I support gay rights and marriage equality, but I wonder whether it is as important as, say, climate change (which may cause irreparable worldwide disaster), economic justice, and militarism.
Gay marriage is NOT a wedge issue. It’s a fundamental, urgent issue of civil rights.
Gay marriage is mostly a wedge issue and a distraction from more important issues.
Gay marriage is partly a wedge issue but is pretty important.
Not sure, or other. (Please explain in comments.)

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