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Facebook jail for St. Alban’s Episcopal Church

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church is a progressive church that has a facebook page that I subscribe to. They often share inspiring, progressive memes about social, religious, and political issues. Recently they shared the following meme image with me: I liked the image and so tried to share with others. When I did that, a warning […]

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Putin is a neocon’s dream come true

I suspect that many antiwar activists are upset not just about the outbreak of war in Ukraine but also by the fact that Putin’s stupid and evil invasion makes U.S. aggressive policies seem reasonable. Putin has managed to unite the world behind U.S. militarism, and U.S. public opinion seems solidly against Putin, as it should […]


Summary of interview with Peter Kuznick about Ukraine

Mickey Huff, the third director of Project Censored, interviews American University historian Peter Kuznick, co-author with Oliver Stone of The Untold History of the United States. They discuss the current U.S. and NATO confrontation with Russia over Ukraine; summarize the recent history of Ukraine and U.S. relations, while placing current affairs in Cold War context; and emphasize the […]

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Summary of The Quincy Institute video “Who’s Afraid of the Military Industrial Complex?”

The Quincy Institute video Who’s Afraid of the Military Industrial Complex? – YouTube  (embedded below) that Coleen shared has gotten 424 views and 37 likes.  A music video or a cat video often gets millions of views.  Apparently not many people are afraid of the MiC, maybe because they think the topic is BORING. Well, […]

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How the U.S. provoked Russia in Ukraine: A Compendium

Most of mainstream American media echo the official U.S. position that Russia is the only aggressor in Ukraine. Here is a collection of articles and quotations from senior U.S. diplomats, academics, military personnel, think tanks, and journalists that explain U.S. responsibility for provoking the crisis. I hope the collection is useful as a resource for […]


Report on online rally against war in Ukraine

I’m watching an online meeting/protest about the possible war with Ukraine. There are dozens of speakers, of various races, including Margaret Flowers, David Swanson., Bruce Cagnon, and Gerry Condon. “This is a United States government provocation.  Every Russian troop is within Russia’s borders. The U.S. has its troops in dozens of countries. We need to […]


A sensible compromise on abortion is within reach

According to the Guttmacher Institute, forty-four states prohibit abortion after some point in pregnancy. California, New York, and Washington prohibit abortion after fetal viability.  Massachusetts prohibits abortion after twenty-four weeks. As the Guttmacher Institute says (ibid), “The current U.S. Supreme Court standard holds that states may prohibit abortion after fetal viability as long as there […]

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Changes are coming to Bellevue. Who will control them? Who will benefit?

A trio of informative, well-written articles has piqued my interest in the future of Bellevue and, specifically, in the questions of who will control the process and who will benefit. None of the articles significantly addressed the role of Kemper Freeman. In addition to addressing his role, this essay discusses further desiderata for making Bellevue […]

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The situation is dire, but the GOP is fragile

As things stand, there is a good chance that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives in 2022, thanks in large part to gerrymandering and to changes in election laws in Republican states. One recent poll suggests that up to 2/3rds of Republican voters believe that the 2020 election was stolen, and about […]