Voters to Grand Obstruction Party: Where are the jobs?

Why the Grand Obstruction Party hopes obstructionism will lead to feudalism. (Thom Hartmann)

August 6, 2013

Folks here in Washington State, across America, likely throughout the civilized world, and quite possibly in neighboring galaxies have a new name for Republicans: the G.O.P.

Nope, not the Grand Old Party of upstanding statesmen from Lincoln to Eisenhower, but the current corporate-backed incarnation, the Grand Obstruction Party.

The sole purpose of today’s GOP is to bring economic and social progress to a screeching halt. And they’re damn good at it.

  • Jobs? Republicans have put a halt creating family-wage jobs. They’d rather you work for minimum wage, or preferably less, without benefits of course. Hence the Republican attack on unions. Instead of encouraging workers’ rights, championing higher pay and basic benefit packages, the Grand Obstruction Party wants that all to simply disappear so that their “free market” (in other words, unobstructed by any kind of regulations—or ethics, for that matter) corporate backers can continue to increase their already grotesque profits exponentially.
  • Made in America? Forget it. Republicans prefer outsourcing. Easier and cheaper to deal with third-world factory collapses than to be beholden to good old American labor. What’s a few dead Asians compared to a soaring stock market?
  • Equal pay? Republicans know where women belong. Minorities, too. The kitchen would be a great place for both, according to the GOP. Or maybe manicuring a CEO’s lawn.

What to do? Well, friends and neighbors, your members of Congress are about to return home for a series of off-year, off-session (as if the GOP ever accomplished anything on-session) town hall meetings.

Attend those meetings. Exercise your democratic right to ask your elected officials a few questions. Such as:

  • Where are the jobs? We need roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and all manner of other infrastructure built and re-built. How come we’re not doing that?
  • Continued outsourcing…are you kidding me? Americans work harder, smarter, and produce goods we’re proud of. Why does the Grand Obstruction Party actively support sending jobs overseas?
  • Why can’t we earn a decent living? CEOs are raking in mega-bucks; profits are at an all-time high. What about the working people who actually make it all happen?

Go to your local town hall gatherings. This is America. Let no right-wing corporatist obstruct you from standing up and speaking your mind!

Town hall meetings: a perfect time to question your member of congress.

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