Suzan DelBene fails to file important records with FEC, faces possible felony investigation

With only a few days left in the primary race for the 1st Congressional District,  progressive champion Darcy Burner and centrist Democrat Suzan DelBene are neck and neck in the polls. But recent revelations about DelBene’s failure to file important records with the FEC may (should) decide the race.

Washington State Progressive Caucus Chair Judith Shattuck reports:

Suzan has failed to file timely and important records with the FEC.  In so doing she has violated the law and has exposed herself to a potential felony investigation.  The House Ethics committee is controlled by Republicans, but they have no reason to open an investigation unless Del Bene wins the primary.  Of course, it doesn’t matter what the final findings are, all they need are headlines that declare Del Bene under investigation for a Federal Felony.  End of race.  Koster is our Representative.

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I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t want a teabagger like Koster representing me!  It’s crucial that we get out the vote for Darcy Burner.

Please call the campaign office at (425) 312-3279 and volunteer to help.

There will be 2 door knocking opportunities on Saturday.  One in Lake Stevens at noon, and one in Redmond at 4 PM.  The campaign office will give you addresses for starting points.  Phone banking is on going.  And, of course, your donation, no matter how large or small, will be helpful.

The Burner campaign has picked up on the story and mailed out the flier below to voters in the 1st CD.

Suzan DelBene Breaking the Law

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