Obama pushes seniors and the New Deal off the cliff, protects Pentagon spending. How will the Democrats respond?

Bloomberg Business Week is reporting in Obama’s Budget Rescues the Pentagon:

Although the White House doesn’t advertise this fact in the six-page budget overview it put out this morning, the new budget eliminates nearly all of the cuts that sequestration imposes on the Pentagon. Instead of $500 billion in cuts, Obama proposes only $100 billion, and you have to look closely to spot it (“$200 billion in additional discretionary savings, with equal amounts from defense and nondefense programs”).

Up to this point, the Democrats have let Obama get away with so many jaw-dropping sellouts.*   But his going after Social Security is so stupid and so harmful, both morally and politically, that Democrats can’t fail to react.  Right? Right? Voters will surely punish politicians who vote to cut Social Security.

But how confident can we be that the Democrats will put their feet down?

There are some resolutions critical of Obama’s budget being passed by Democratic Legislative District organizations.  (See 32nd Democrats pass resolution critical of Obama’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare and Resolution in defense of Social Security, passed by the 34th LD Dems.) But already I can see the push-back from Obama supporters who can’t bare to see Obama get criticized.

Some people say that since the Democrats will likely cave in to Obama’s schemes, our nly hope is that The Tea Party will stand strong and refuse to budge on raising taxes, thereby dooming Obama’s deal.  They almost never give in.

*Don’t pretend that Obama was forced to make his bad choices by Republican intransigence, or that he’s just a bad negotiator, or that he is naive. Obama can’t be that dumb.

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