32nd Democrats pass resolution critical of Obama's proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare

2013-08 Resolution on Preserving Social Security and Medicare

Whereas our Social Security System is a foundation of our social safety net for all citizens who reach retirement age or are eligible due to disability; and

Whereas our Medicare System provides vital healthcare services to seniors and disabled and prevents people from falling into total abject poverty due to medical problems; and

Whereas the American people pay into the Social Security Insurance system with every paycheck they receive throughout their working lives and rely on these programs for their well-being in retirement; and

Whereas the Democratic Party has held both of these programs as vital to the nation’s well-being and our core beliefs in providing essential services to our communities; and

Whereas President Obama promised in his last re-election campaign to protect these essential services and understands that hundreds of millions of American citizens depend upon them; and

Whereas he put forward and passed “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (PPACA), or Obamacare, which is reliant on Medicare’s availability to everyone; and

Whereas the 32nd District Democrats have fully endorsed these programs as part of our own platform; and

Whereas we note with regret that President Obama is proposing to make changes to Social Security and Medicare which could reduce benefits and undermine our nation’s social safety net in his proposed Budget;

Therefore, Be It Resolved that, as Social Securitydoes not contribute to the deficit, we oppose any changes to Social Security benefits, or to Medicare, and we call upon the President and Congress to reject this reckless and ill-advised idea which could permanently damage our entire social contract in place since the New Deal; and

Therefore, Be It Resolved that we urge the President and Congress to look instead for ways to raise revenue responsibly by repealing tax breaks for big corporations and the wealthy and by raising the cap on income subject to Social Security, and to follow through on promises to invest in the middle class and protect poor people, children and the disabled by protecting Social Security and Medicare; and

Therefore, Be It Finally Resolved that our secretary send copies of this resolution to the President and Washington State Congressional Delegation, the King County and Snohomish County Democrats, and to local news media.

Adopted April 10, 2013, by the 32nd District Democratic Organization

Originated by Janet Way

[Editor’s note: I would add: “Whereas Social Security is fiscally sound and hasn’t contributed a penny to the deficits.”]

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