More fliers from neo-Nazi Patriot Front group

A friend reports that the white supremacist group Patriot Front dropped hateful propaganda in neighborhoods and on porches last night in Tacoma, Edmonds, West Seattle, and Bellevue.

Nate Bowling has tweeted about this:

Someone else reported seeing them in Olympia. And someone reporting seeing them in Everett.

Patriot Front literature: Better Dead than Red

A related group did similar drops in July of 2018. See Anti-immigrant “Blood and Soil” leaflets in Clyde Hill.

If you do a google search for you see many similar fliers have been placed nationwide in the last few months.

#NoPlaceForHate. #NeverIsNow.

This article covers the story: White nationalist fliers discovered in West Seattle

Here is background information on Patriot Front:

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