Conversion story

A former colleague wrote about his conversion from Mormon to atheist and from Republican to Democrat.

I realized a few years back that my religion was a bunch of made-up nonsense, and my wife and I left the Mormon church in 2016. I’m an atheist now and happier than before I think, but I do miss the Mormon community. We’re raising our kids secular and they all appreciate not having to go to church anymore. I think my politics were mostly informed by religion in the past, and once that changed I found myself reevaluating my political stance on many of the issues, and I really don’t agree with Republicans on much of anything anymore.

Having experienced education, healthcare etc firsthand in a Nordic country, I’m not afraid of the socialist label. But I worry that if Bernie is the nominee, he’ll end up losing to Trump because of it. I don’t have any strong preference for the Democratic candidates, mostly because I just want anyone but Trump. Should be interesting to watch it all unfold.

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