Corporate Democrats ruin the Democratic brand

I think it is important to distinguish rank and file Democrats from the Corporate Crony Current leaders of the Democratic party.  These leaders have betrayed rank and file Democrats. My view is that the PEOPLE themselves are the Democratic Party. They are already on our side. FDR Democrats are still there. They simply do not have many FDR candidates on the ballot to vote for.

So I think we need to look at the election process. We need to find FDR challengers who will primary the Corporate Democratic candidates. Darcy Burner was a good example. She was a progressive candidate who got blown away by a corporate Democrat who spent $3 million in three weeks to buy her way past the primary. This is not the first time that a progressive candidate was blown away by a corporate Democrat in a primary – leaving the voters with no other choice but a corporate Democrat or a crazy Republican in the general election.

Something we as progressives need to think about is whether a corporate Democrat may be worse in the long run than a crazy Republican. The problem with corporate Democrats is that they destroy the Democrat party name and confuse the voters (who think they are electing a Democratic majority when they are really electing a corporate majority). Are we better off with wolves or wolves in sheep’s clothing? At least with regular wolves, we and everyone else knows who the bad guys are.

We need to encourage progressives to run for office. But this is only the first step. We also need to boot the corrupt corporatists out of the Democratic party. That day will eventually come – but only when the public wakes up and learns how to tell corporate Democrats from real Democrats.

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