Chick-fil-A unveils Bigot Burger

Chick-fil-A finds bigotry a tasty addition to their menu.

In the aftermath of the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, it became abundantly clear that the right-wing culture of fear and anger received its talking-point ammo and lockstep marching orders from the National Rifle Association and draft-dodging, flag-waving Republican chicken-hawks.

Now Chick-fil-A has joined the ranks of fearmongers and demonizers, with President Dan Cathy (which would make a great name for an LGBT rock band, mind you) expressing his distaste for same-sex marriage.

Why are all these chickens crossing the political road? To try to make a u-turn. Back to the days when it was perfectly fine to discriminate against folks who don’t look like us, think like us, or love the way we think they should. Which is apparently one white man and one white woman. Preferably in the missionary position. Amen.

Now maybe, just maybe, Mr. Cathy does not subscribe to the Tea Party screed that President Obama is a Kenyan. And a Muslim. And a Socialist. And a Nazi. And maybe, just maybe, Mr. Cathy doesn’t believe the right-wing talk radio lie that undocumented immigrants are the greatest threat to our economy and national security since Pearl Harbor. Or 9/11. Or Islamo-terrorists. Or the very first Japanese transistor radio. But, given that Mr. Cathy shares the fundamentalist right-wing hatred of The Other, it’s a safe bet he believes all of the above.

Listen: Mr. Cathy has every right to express his opinion on gay marriage. And we liberals have every right to call him out for that opinion.

Mr. Cathy, you walk like a chicken, peck like a chicken, and talk like a bigot.

Mr. Cathy, you are a bigot. And fair-minded Americans ought not patronize your Chick-fil-A establishments anymore. Period.

We’ve fought your back-of-the-bus, separate-but-unequal kind before, Mr. Cathy, and beat you like a chicken-fried steak. Civil rights will win again.

Oh, one more thing. Here in Washington State, we’re promoting marriage equality through organizations like Washington United for Marriage and ballot measures like Referendum 74.

And, no, Mr. Cathy, I don’t want Waffle Fries with your Bigot Burger.

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