Roadkillers strike again

Centrist Democrats  in the Washington State Senate  (the Road Kill Caucus) have joined with Republicans to sponsor and support SB 2109 (“Reforming workers’ compensation through authorization of voluntary settlements and creation of a return-to-work subsidy program.”)

The bill is strongly opposed by Labor and other Democratic groups.  The article Workers compensation bill SB5566: a step towards Wisconsin? describes a very similar bill ESB 5566.

The Road Kill Caucus of centrist WA Dems regularly votes with Republicans to thwart Democratic-valued legislation in the State Senate, mostly on fiscal and labor issues.

Does anyone know about the issues surrounding the Operating Budget mentioned in Legislative issues action and reproduced here:

Operating budget

STATUS: House to Senate negotiating
WHAT TO DO: Ask House leaders NOT to follow Senate’s leadership.
Contact Ways and Means Chairman Ross Hunter, D-Medina,
and Speaker of the House Frank Chopp, D-Seattle,

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