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Weapons of Mass Distraction – Freedom of the Press? US Activists and Journalists Face Surveillance

By Mark Taylor-Canfield (From Mark’s  Syndicated Monthly Column – “Weapons of Mass Distraction”) Thank you to the editors for allowing me to tell the truth without censorship! Here’s another of my honest efforts to do just that. I only hope this piece doesn’t get me into trouble with my own publishers at other websites and/or […]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction – The Post US Election Blues

Now that President Barack Obama has been declared winner of the US presidential election, a sigh of relief has gone out throughout the land among Democrats and many progressives. The media scenario currently being promoted states that Obama is representing the middle class while Republican Mitt Romney is simply a stand-in for Wall Street bankers. […]

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Grand Jury witch hunt

[Editor: There’s a federal grand jury that has been convening in Seattle since Aug 5 (March 2, according to a knowledgable  source). Three activists have been jailed for refusing to cooperate with federal authorities.  Apparently, the activists are not charged with any crime other than exercising their right to remain silent — which, I hear, […]

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Weapons of Mass Distraction – Global Uprisings Against Austerity Measures

Lately your intrepid correspondent has been amazed by the increasing number of local and national insurrections taking place across the planet. Yes, most of these uprisings are currently being kept down by repressive regimes using riot police and tear gas, but nonetheless, they continue to pop up on every continent from Indonesia to Montreal. You’ll […]

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State of the Movement: Lessons Learned From One Year of Occupy Wall Street

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned as an activist since the birth of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Sept 17, 2011. Personal Empowerment = Social Empowerment As we learn to accept and allow folks to use their own individual voices, the group is empowered. With OWS we are learning how to bring […]

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Why I Don't Trust "Isms": Chris Hedges Versus The Black Bloc

Originally published by CounterPunch – Editor Jeffery St Clair by MARK TAYLOR-CANFIELD A recent article by Chris Hedges is once again causing heated arguments among activists in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  “Black Bloc: The Cancer in Occupy,” was published in his syndicated column back in February, but folks are now talking about […]