Grand Jury witch hunt

[Editor: There’s a federal grand jury that has been convening in Seattle since Aug 5 (March 2, according to a knowledgable  source). Three activists have been jailed for refusing to cooperate with federal authorities.  Apparently, the activists are not charged with any crime other than exercising their right to remain silent — which, I hear, does not apply to grand juries such as this.)The National Lawyer’s Guild agrees that it’s a witch hunt. The mainstream media has failed to adequately cover the story.

The story is that there were violent, intense police raids conducted in Portland and Seattle in July. FBI agents and police broke into activists’ homes and confiscated political material and computer equipment. Apparently they’re fishing for information about “anarchists,” such as the minority of “Black Bloc” anarchists involved in the Occupy Movement.

There have been solidarity protests around the country. The activist community in Seattle is particularly concerned about the grand jury.

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Advance to 9:40 in the following video for my discussion about the Grand Jury witch hunt, with Nicole Sandler on the Thom Hartmann show.

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