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Attack ad against 1st CD candidate Suzan DelBene

Below are scanned images of one of the anti-Suzan DelBene fliers sent out by Progress Washington, which, according to this article, was a PAC formed by Laura Ruderman’s mom, Mary Rotchschild. (Ruderman and DelBene are running for Congress in the 1st CD.)

Anti-DelBene mailing from Laura Ruderman's mom

Anti-DelBene mailing from Laura Ruderman's mom

Anti-DelBene mailing from Laura Ruderman's mom

Ruderman and her mom have come under criticism by some Democrats for engaging in mud-slinging against a fellow Democrat.  (But, Ruderman was apparently unaware of her mother’s actions til after the fact, according to Ruderman’s campaign manager.)  A nasty primary battle could aid Tea Party Republican candidate John Koster.

I’ve seen another ad by Progress for Washington that attacks both DelBene and Darcy Burner (charging Burner with being a “loose cannon” for having called President Obama a “Republican.”)

DelBene is allegedly spending close to a million dollars of her own money to fund her campaign.

I’m of mixed opinion about whether primary candidates should harshly criticize their opponents, because I’m eager to rid the Democratic Party of DINOs.  Suzan DelBene has said that, if elected, she will not join the Progressive Caucus. Instead, she’ll become a New Democrat (a centrist).  See this article and video.  And there are claims that as head of DOR, DelBene helped protect Microsoft tax breaks.  (DelBene is an ex-Microsoft executive, and her husband is a senior executive at Microsoft).  In other words, I suspect that DelBene is a corporate Dem. But the issues page on her campaign website indicates support for all the correct progressives policies:  the Buffet rule, reinstating Glass Steagall, protecting Social Security and Medicare, clean energy, repealing DOMA, protecting freedom of choice, etc.  So I suppose I would support her if she runs, though not as strongly as I’d support a more progressive candidate.

There’s still some mystery about the identity of Progress for Washington. I found this website for an entity called Progress for Washington:


which was “founded by Scott White, 46th District Democrats chair Chad Lupkes and King County Democrats Legislative Action Committee co-chair Sarajane Seigfreidt.” Is that related to Rotchschild’s group?  I doubt it.  I’ve emailed Lupkes and Seigfriedt to verify and will post a summary of their response here. [See Chad’s response below: different group.]

This Seattle Times article covers the story.

The Woodinville Patch says that Laura Ruderman is asking her mom’s PAC to stop the ads.

This Democratic Underground posting discusses the mystery of exactly who’s funding the ads.

[Added 12/07/23, by way of Erna Berghuys] Open Secrets’ page on Progress for Washington says that Progress for Washington is a SuperPAC that so far in 2012 has spent $197K on negative ads against Democrats (presumably against DelBene) and $21K on positive support for Democrats.



6 Replies to “Attack ad against 1st CD candidate Suzan DelBene

  1. Not the same group. Our group is registered at the PDC level within Washington State, while their group is registered at the federal level with the FEC. I found out about this a few weeks ago. Our group is not active in the current election cycle, and the use of our name was not authorized by us. Not that Rotchschild would have cared to ask.

  2. I have had some discussion with Laura by e-mail. I view this as a case of just another older, overbearing Jewish mother (a number of us have experienced them…) I don’t think Laura would make that kind of mistake. As for the name, the same thing. An overbearing mother and an incompetent consultant that she got from somewhere. These days every Tom, Dick and Harry is a coach or a consultant. It is illegal for Laura to even speak to her mother about the matter of a PAC.

    Re New Deomcrats – Rush Holt is a member and is one of the most liberal Reps, not a centrist at all. Shelley Berkley from Nevada is also a member snd she introduced Tier V unemployment benefits for a few states, which is more than most of the Reps voted for.

  3. My mother is not alive any longer. But if I were judged based on my mother’s statements and behaviors that would have been a disaster. I don’t think we should judge someone by who their parents are.

  4. WA Liberals, You really should take down that factually incorrect Eyman picture. People fight Eyman tooth and nail and then are portrayed as Eyman supporters – it’s not right.

  5. One more comment – given that the mother’s name is Rothschild, she is less likely than some of us from the other side of the tracks to have street smarts.

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