The Occupy and D.C. protesters are True Patriots and should wear tri-cornered hats

How un-American: torture, immoral wars, vote fixing, imprisonment without trial, handouts and taxbreaks for billionaires,  desecration of the environment, government for the corporations, theocratic combining of church and state, free trade agreements that ship jobs overseas, etc.

The protesters in D.C. and on Wall Street are true patriots and should adorn themselves with tri-colored hats and other symbols of the Revolutionary War era.

Tricorne hat (from Wikipedia)
Tricorne hat (from Wikipedia)

The three corners of the tricorne hat represent:

1. Peace (an end to militarism)
2, Economic Justice (especially fair taxation)
3. Good government (adequate regulation and an end to corruption)

Progressives are the True Patriots and should market themselves that way.

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