Reichert, Republicans, Declare war on AARP

AARP opposes privatization of Social Security, supports the Affordable Care Act, and its executives give disproportionately to Democrats. Now Dave Reichert and other Congressional Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee are going full ACORN on AARP.

Because AARP lobbied for the Affordable Care Act, and because some provisions may (prepare to gasp) benefit the organization, Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-08) along with Congressmen Wally Herger of California, and Charles Boustany of Louisiana, are challenging AARP’s tax exempt status and calling for an IRS investigation.

“During this investigation it became very clear that despite its privileged tax-exempt status, in many cases, AARP represents a for-profit entity, in fact, an insurance company,” Boustany said.

Reichert challenged AARP’s motives.

“The real overarching question here that I think that seniors across this country should be asking AARP is, who are you working for? Are you with the seniors of America?” Or are you out to make money for AARP?”

By definition, AARP makes no profit, and has no shareholders to distribute profits to. What it does have is a lot of money to promote the interests of its members, lobby Congress, and fund various charitable organizations.

AARP is big, and the CEO makes a lot of money. But it is neither an insurance company nor a for profit organization. Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan called this for what it is; a “witch hunt”.

Is this an indication that Reichert is a lame duck?

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