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Free Press, Nuclear Industry, Courage and More

The Nation is picking up a story about a nuclear plant problem in Nebraska from news sources in Russia and Pakistan. The story is that flood waters have created a problem for the plant and that the Obama administration has engineered a news blackout on the problem. I don’t know which part of this story […]

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MoveOn's plan for a mass movement

Many of you probably got this email from MoveOn. It starts off well, describing the serious trouble America is in and the fact that we can’t depend on Obama or the Dems to set things right.  Calling for a mass movement akin to the civil rights movement seems correct too.    But then they ask for […]

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Norman Goldman, Bob Hasegawa, and Adam Kline speak at the WPC banquet

Saturday evening I attended Washington Public Campaign’s Annual Awards Banquet, held at South King County Community College. The keynote speaker was progressive radio host Norman Goldman. State Senator Adam Kline was master of ceremonies . State Rep. Bob Hasegawa won the public leadership award.  I’ll summarize some salient points from their speeches and from the […]


What is the most likely scenario for the future of America?

Economic, political, and environmental mismanagement are threatening the well-being of America and the world. What is the most likely scenario for the future of America? Fast decline into anarchy or fascism.  Slow decline: We slog along as best as we can, while conditions slowly deteriorate.  Status quo: The economy recovers, technological growth and minor reforms […]

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Proposed initiative to end perpetual corporate welfare

Paula Joneli of Des Moines has proposed this brilliant citizen initiative. As Martha Koester says, “If it requires 2/3 to raise taxes, why shouldn’t it take 2/3 to enact tax breaks?” An act relating to all Washington State favorable corporate tax treatment. BE IT ENACTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON: INTENT:  To ensure […]


Rob McKenna: A Career Fighting Against Progress

(reposted from Fuse Washington) On Wednesday, Rob McKenna announced his candidacy for Governor of our state. We are taking the unprecedented step of alerting you right after his announcement because McKenna has made a career out of fighting against a progressive future for Washington. McKenna has been a leader against much of what we stand […]

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How the federal government backstops our economy

My son Owen and I just drove across half the country. He has a summer job in St. Paul, Minn., and we are giving him our 10-year-old car. Hence, a road trip! Driving along I-90 and I-94 for 1,800 miles gives you time to reflect on our nation’s transportation system. Did it just spring up, […]


Interactive 3D Visualizations of Voting in the 111th Congress

3D Interactive Visualization of US Senators’ Voting Records Click to interact. 3D Interactive Visualization of US Representatives’ Voting Records Click to interact. Ron Paul is the outlier on the lower left. The data points were generated by a technique called multi-dimensional scaling with relaxation, in which the high dimensional space of votes is projected into […]


Jay Inslee to speak at NWroots

Congressman Jay Inslee will join Congressman Jim McDermott, former Canadian Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh, and Washington State Labor Council President Jeff Johnson at NWroots, the July 9th conference for liberal political activists, bloggers, candidates, and elected officials. The agenda includes keynote addresses, sessions on labor, health care, immigration, media, banking, agriculture, & electronic voting; documentaries, […]