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Let's get aboard

Now that most of us have voted or will have done so shortly, what comes next? You may not have gotten aboard for this election, but let’s grab the future.  Most likely, unless we do something ourselves, there won’t be any change but more of the same downhill ride with the two 1% parties. Many […]

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Show them who's boss

Let’s show Wall Street, CEOs of mega-corporation, the international banksters and their lapdogs the Democrat and Republican Parties just who are the real bosses in this country.  Both the Democratic and the Republican Parties smugly rest assured knowing that you will vote for one party or the other because they have set the stage to […]

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American People's Congress

Preamble In a country as rich as ours it is unconscionable that people sleep on the streets, go hungry, lack basic health care, and remain uneducated. The United States is the only Western nation that fails to provide for the basic needs of its most vulnerable citizens. Those who are willing and able to work […]

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An open letter to Senator Patty Murray, members of Congress, and the Super Committee

The budget deficit The wrong steps taken by the Bush and Obama administrations and enabled by Congress following 9/11 by as yet unproven individuals has compromised America’s economy and actually weakened its security. The minions in government displayed incredible incompetence and downright dishonesty in the government’s response. Bush, Obama and Congress also took this nation […]