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Confusion about I-591 and I-594

Someone in my precinct emailed me (their PCO): “What is the difference between Yes on 594 and Yes on 591?”

I explained

I-594 is a gun control measure that requires background checks on gun purchases. Most Democrats support it.

I-591 is the initiative from the gun lobby to make sure that Washington State’s gun laws are not stricter than the national laws.

Please vote YES on I-594 and NO on I-591.

I’m curious what you read or heard to make you think that I-591 might be OK.

The constituent responded:

I have not seen anything except signs.  One says Yes on 591 and the other Yes on 594.  Earlier I had sent a donation to Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.  Then the signs came out, black signs for 591 first, and later red signs for 594. I wasn’t sure which one I sent the check to.  I thought maybe it was 591, BUT  I recently got a Thank you from the 594 Alliance signed by Zach Silk.  Other than that, I haven’t seen or read anything but a cartoon in the Seattle Times. I have been getting thousands of requests on line from everyone asking for money, but I don’t send cash on line, especially to people I never heard of. Thanks for the info.

Democracy is the worst possible political system — except for all the others.  Many people are poorly informed, and they’re susceptible to propaganda.  In a sense, democracy is a form of “might makes right.”

The key to good democracy is education and good (public) media.



One Reply to “Confusion about I-591 and I-594

  1. 1-594 is a BAD LAW
    As a retired federal law enforcement officer I always carry.
    My wife and I both have concealed carry permits.
    Lets say we are at the range practicing as responsible gun owners do, and my wife has a malfunction that requires her gun to be cleared. Since I have much more experience with clearing a malfunction she hands the gun to me.
    I clear whatever the problem was and hand the gun back to her.
    We are now both guilty of a felony.

    Two off duty officers Christmas shopping when they realize some illegal border crosser is beheading some teen girl that just happened to walk out of the wrong shop at the wrong time. He pulls a gun and shoots the officer he sees drawing a weapon. The officer goes down but not out. He tosses his gun to his officer friend and he neutralizes the situation and saves the girl. He gives the gun back to his officer friend.
    They are now both guilty of a felony.
    Wow, if that is what you are supporting then you really need a logic update.
    Neither law is good but 594 will go down as one of the worst laws ever passed and it will do nothing to keep weapons out of a real criminals hands.
    The criminals will still have them and this law will turn skeet shooters, law enforcement officers, hunters, and farmers protecting their ranches into felons.
    How can that be better than taking the time and getting a law put together that really protects people. This law has nothing to do with safety since the criminal element will still find a way to get weapons. This law is about suppressing the rights of legal gun ownership.
    I saw this movie once where only the police and military had guns, it was really interesting…it was called SCHINDLER’S LIST.
    Some of you may be laughing now but in the next year or so when there is a global financial collapse caused by the default of the US dollar, gangs will be running the streets going door to door pillaging your resources, raping, killing your wives and daughters, how will you fend them off?
    The ultimate endgame of the chess board that you are being used as a pawn in, is to control your life so you have no freedom to make your own decisions. Where and what do I want to eat? What Dr do I want to see?
    If the government can control where and how you get water, food and shelter they can control every aspect of your life.
    The Bill Gates and other billionaires are playing with your safety and it is not in a good way.

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