Constituents will oppose re-election of lawmakers who vote to cut Social Security

My Inbox is filled with outraged emails from advocacy groups concerned about the President’s plan to cut Social Security.

The government spends trillions of dollars on corrupt, immoral, disastrous wars; on bailouts for the very banks that crashed the economy; and on tax breaks and subsidies for corporations.   It is unacceptable that they want to cut Social Security, which hasn’t contributed a penny to the deficits.

As Credo Mobile says, “The outrage is justified. President Obama wants to cut Social Security benefits. And Medicare benefits. Signing a petition is not enough. Send a clear message: Any member of Congress who votes to cut Social Security or Medicare benefits does not deserve to be re-elected.”

Use the following Credo Mobile page to send a message to your federal lawmakers:

The message it will send defaults to

As a constituent, I strongly urge you to vote against cuts in Social Security or Medicare benefits. If you vote for any such cuts — even under pressure from the White House or congressional leaders — I will oppose your re-election the next time I see your name on my ballot.


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