Confusion about I-591 and I-594

Someone in my precinct emailed me (their PCO): “What is the difference between Yes on 594 and Yes on 591?”

I explained

I-594 is a gun control measure that requires background checks on gun purchases. Most Democrats support it.

I-591 is the initiative from the gun lobby to make sure that Washington State’s gun laws are not stricter than the national laws.

Please vote YES on I-594 and NO on I-591.

I’m curious what you read or heard to make you think that I-591 might be OK.

The constituent responded:

I have not seen anything except signs.  One says Yes on 591 and the other Yes on 594.  Earlier I had sent a donation to Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility.  Then the signs came out, black signs for 591 first, and later red signs for 594. I wasn’t sure which one I sent the check to.  I thought maybe it was 591, BUT  I recently got a Thank you from the 594 Alliance signed by Zach Silk.  Other than that, I haven’t seen or read anything but a cartoon in the Seattle Times. I have been getting thousands of requests on line from everyone asking for money, but I don’t send cash on line, especially to people I never heard of. Thanks for the info.

Democracy is the worst possible political system — except for all the others.  Many people are poorly informed, and they’re susceptible to propaganda.  In a sense, democracy is a form of “might makes right.”

The key to good democracy is education and good (public) media.

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