On Rob McKenna's Six Principles

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna’s campaign website has

Six Principles for a New Direction in State Budgeting

Below I’ve added interpretations, suggested by  Zach Smith an Walt Kloefkorn.

  1. Restore the Legislature’s role in collective bargaining (bust  the unions)
  2. Reduce lawsuit abuse (strip Americans of their right to defend themselves in court)
  3. Introduce managed competition for state services (contract out state worker jobs and give the contracts to my contributors at higher total cost to the taxpayers)
  4. Promote performance to do more with less (more work less pay and fewer services and reduced job security for public employees and teachers)
  5. Shrink general government through attrition (make it impossible for state agencies to meet their core mission)
  6. Save money on state health care costs (cut health care for state workers and teachers).

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