Where's Howard Dean? We need progressive political leaders

What happened to Howard Dean?   He served as chairman of the DNC from 2005 to 2009.  According to the wikipedia article about him, “He currently holds neither elected office nor official position in the Democratic party.”

You’d think that Dean would play a leading role on the progressive Left, alongside Alan Grayson, Dennis Kucinich, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and who-knows-who-else.

Maybe Dean will run in 2016.

Media commentators like Thom Hartmann, Eric Alterman, Amy Goodman, Norman Goldman, and Bill Maher are leaders too, I suppose. But they’re not politicians. We need political leaders too.  I don’t buy into claims that we don’t need political leaders to guide and inspire us.   The leaders needn’t be in the White House — LBJ was pushed into supporting civil rights for Blacks — but we need political leaders both in Congress and out (MLK).


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