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Justice Party organizing in WA State, Rocky Anderson visiting May 3-5

Justice Party of  Washington State has had a busy week.  We have organized the official business of becoming a political party in Washington State, with officers, bank account and volunteers.  We are delighted to announce that we will present Rocky in Seattle and Olympia May 3-5.
Mark your calendars for Thursday, May 3, Rocky will speak at University Temple United Methodist Church.  Justice Party of Washington State will be collecting signatures for ballot access while Rocky is here, and organizing fundraisers for this candidate who refuses corporate and PAC donations.
Join Rocky Anderson and volunteers at the famous Pike Place market, University Farmer’s market, and other locations  in the Puget Sound area to collect signatures for ballot access.



8 Replies to “Justice Party organizing in WA State, Rocky Anderson visiting May 3-5

  1. While I too am quite dissatisfied with many of Pres. Obama’s policies, I’m not sure whether a third party run will be productive this year. 2016 might be a better year to do it.

    This year there’s almost no chance that Anderson will win and many people will say: Anderson’s candidacy may aid the GOP candidate and throw the election, as Nader’s candidacy did in 2000.

    Had Anderson run as a Democrat it’s possible there could have been a primary battle, or even a debate (?).

    I wonder if many Occupy activists are on board with Anderson and the Justice Party.

    1. Don,
      Is there anything Obama could do that would force you to look to another candidate? If so, what action(s) might those be? Do you believe that if the president (Obama, Romney, Santorum etc.) does something, it can’t be against the law? By remaining committed to Obama aren’t you supporting the same policies you probably thought were illegal when Bush carried them out? If not, why not? Andy

      1. Who said I’m committed to Obama? I’m very angry at Obama. My comments above are mostly playing devil’s advocate. In fact, someone explicitly ASKED me to write critical comments so that they could respond; but they haven’t yet.

        As an editor of this site, I try to retain SOME aloofness from supporting or opposing candidates. If I’m too anti-Obama I’ll alienate much of the possible audience. If I’m too pro-Obama I’ll alienate people like you. In fact, most Democrats think I’m way too anti-Obama as is. I’ve been repeatedly ask to tone down criticisms, because of Obama’s alleged coattails: if people are angry at Obama they might vote for, say, Rob McKenna.

        That being said, I do think the situation is really ugly and all choices suck. As bad as Obama is, unfortunately Romney will be even worse.

  2. Democrats in Idaho say the same thing: will take votes from Obama.

    Sometime we must vote for the best candidate, without guessing if it is the right vote to stop republicans.

    If FDR and Rocky were running, I would vote for Rocky, without guessing.

    Here is an in-depth interview http://salttvnetwork.com/articles/20120322/rocky-andersons-run-presidency

    Here is the rule of law:

    A couple of reasons to vote for Rocky.

  3. Don, To answer my question then, Obama could do any number of things you listed in your OpEdNews post that the Repubs want to do and because he wouldn’t do all of them it’s okay with you. I’ll ask one more time. Is there anything he could do that would make you not support his re-election? Based on his past performance, he may very well move farther to the right. Without legitimate pressure from the left and his second term secured, he has nothing to lose. If you’ll vote for Obama no matter what he does just say so. At least it’s intellectually honest. Andy

  4. At least you guys are talking about the problem. In Idaho 75% vote republican and 25% vote democrat, no matter what either party does.

    The American empire is on the downward slope: http://treegrower.org/about/Rocky/Working%20on%20letter.html

    As far as I can tell, Rocky is the only one trying to do something about this decline of the empire.

    Virtual JFK and these studies disturb me:



    Maybe with this technology, the people can force the government to stop the lies.

    Welcome to the USA.

  5. Deliver some tough love!

    Progressive Dems can support Rocky as a way to pressure the Dems. In the last 20 years, the so called “center” has moved far to the right. Without a credible threat, the Democratic leadership will make no changes. Rocky has entered the fray late, so you can safely support Rocky, and still vote for Obama on election day. We can build the Justice Party and come back with more clout in 2016.

    Please remember that Al Gore was defeated by the Supreme Court justices and a corrupt election system, not Nader.

    I want people to hear Rocky, to see his record, and to understand that we have to produce better policies and candidates. Look at Rocky’s record on the environment, and compare that to the fact that Obama just approved the tar sands pipeline — oh, just the southern half.

    I hope you’ll come to hear Rocky on May 3rd, and be part of the dialogue that needs to happen inside and outside of the two major parties. No threat = No change.

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