We're coming to get your guns, imbeciles!

Actually, we’re not coming to get your guns, unless you have something like an assault weapon. We just want to make it harder for dangerous people to massacre innocents, and that just requires some reasonable background checks on buyers and limits on the types of guns that are available.

People say that gun control wouldn’t stop criminals from getting guns or from killing with other weapons. Well, it wouldn’t stop all of them. But it would make it harder for crazy people, and people with criminal records, to commit crimes of passion.  The aim is to make massacres harder and rarer; there’s no practical way to make them impossible.

NRA drips blood

James Holmes thanks the NRA for making it easy to kill

Is is exploitation to raise the issue of gun control?

If ammunition were regulated like Sudafed

Mayor Bloomberg: now is the time to stop guns

Robert Reich: take on the NRA. There an assault rifle was recovered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The 2nd Amendment was never intended to permit mass slaughter

What on earth do you need an assault rifle with a 100-round magazine for? Hunting?

See Yes, NRA Member, You DO Have the Blood of 20 Children on Your Hands.
Who needs assault weapons?

US gun death stats

If guns were as regulated as cars

Gun deaths much higher than deaths from war and terrorism

Gun deaths much higher than deaths from war and terrorism

Easier to get guns than to get sudafed

Put a teacher in every gun store

La Pierre, NRA chief, is a lobbyist for gun manufacturers

“Cars don’t kill, people do. So there’s no need to regulate car use by requiring driver licenses or by restricting the kinds of cars people can drive.”

Alan Winter: “Plane crashes don’t kill, pilots do [so don’t regulate planes]. The wrong drugs don’t kill, pharmacists do [so don’t prohibit drugs].

Meanwhile, in much of the country I can still be sent to prison for years for a joint, thanks to ‘control’ of a thing that doesn’t kill anybody.”

Todd Bridges: “Surgical procedures don’t kill, people do. So I don’t need to go to medical school or get certified to open up my drive thru brain surgery business”.

As conservative commentator Gary Wills says, “We guarantee that crazed man after crazed man will have a flood of killing power readily supplied him.”

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