Washington legislature is considering a bill to challenge NDAA's unconstitutional detention provisions

The Washington State House is considering bill HB1581, which would create “the Washington state preservation of liberty act condemning the unlawful detention of United States citizens and lawful resident aliens under the National Defense Authorization Act.”  There are 21 co-sponsors, with representatives from both major parties: Representatives Overstreet (R), Santos (D), Shea (R), Taylor (R), Buys (R), Condotta (R), Scott (R), Upthegrove (D), Fitzgibbon (D), Blake (D), MacEwen (R), Crouse (R), Wylie (D), Pollet (D), Pike (R), Harris (R), Kagi (D), Moscoso (D), Warnick (R), Magendanz (R), and Stonier (D).

According to bill HB1581,

NEW SECTION. Sec. 4. A new section is added to chapter 42.20 RCW  to read as follows:

(1) No state or local official or employee, or agent of the state  of Washington, or employee of a corporation providing services to the  state of Washington, or member of the national guard or state defense  forces acting in his or her capacity as a state or local official or  employee, or agent of the state of Washington, or employee of a  corporation providing services to the state of Washington, or member of  the national guard or state defense forces, shall knowingly cooperate  with an investigation or detainment of a United States citizen or  lawful resident alien located within the United States of America by the armed forces of the United States of America, except for (a) an  investigation or detainment by the United States coast guard when it is  not operating as a service in the navy, (b) an investigation or  detainment by national guard units or state defense forces while under the authority of the governor of the state of Washington, or (c) an  internal investigation or detainment by the armed forces of the United  States of America of active duty members of the armed forces of the  United States of America.
(2) A violation of this section is a class C felony.

There is also a section that purports to prohibit military personnel from investigating or detaining US citizens under the NDAA.

This bill may be in direct contradiction to federal law, but it does seem that NDAA is unconstitutional and immoral.  Kudos for the legislators for standing up to the US government on this issue!

Many Republicans are anti-government, and since Obama is associated with NDAA they may support the anti-NDAA bill, even in the GOP-controlled State Senate.

I’m on an email list of the Transpartisan Alliance, www.meetup.com/TranspartisanSeattle. They work towards finding common areas of agreement between (libertarian) conservatives and progressives. Opposition to NDAA is one of those common areas of agreement.  Scott Shock, organizer of the Transpartisan Alliance and a libertarian, writes:

The NDAA nullification bill HB1581 is set to be heard in committee on Thursday!  The drone aircraft restrictions bill may also be heard in that same committee session.  Please do as many of the following actions as you can:

1.       Attend the Thursday morning hearing to speak strongly and passionately in  favor of HB1581 (see details below in appended email). 

2.       Email and call Senate Law & Justice committee chairman, Sen. Mike Padden, at mike.padden@leg.wa.gov and 360-786-7606, and firmly demand a hearing for SB 5511 be scheduled ASAP.  The Senate bill is much stronger than the house bill, and needs our support.

3.       Sign the NDAA petition here:  http://wagwashington.org/legislation-activism/our-petitions/ndaa/,

4.       Spread this message to all your friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc!  I’ve been pushing coalition efforts on this, and there is HUGE bipartisan/transpartisan support for NDAA nullification.  However, the legislators need to hear from YOU to make it happen! 


Washington Accountable Government (WAG)


Take a Stand Against the NDAA

Call to action for all liberty minded Washingtonians,

Next Thursday, February 21, is our chance to tell Olympia the citizens of Washington State will no longer tolerate unconstitutional federal laws, like the NDAA Act.  Please join your fellow Washingtonians in Olympia, Thursday February 21st  9am (Hearing starts at 10am), in support of the Washington State Preservation of Liberty Act:  HB 1581-2013-14.

Join us in Olympia, next Thursday, February 21 at 9am, to stand with your fellow citizens and protect the freedoms we all enjoy for those generations that have yet to experience the power of liberty in their own lives.

Remember, our elected state officials are duty bound to interpose their power to protect us from an oppressive Federal Government!  When said elected state servants choose to sit on the fence We The People are duty bound to convince them otherwise.  So, we call on all duty bound, liberty minded, citizens to voice their opposition to the NDAA Act, and demand our state reps pass the Washington State Preservation of Liberty Act:  HB 1581 – 2013-14.

Add this date and time to your calendar:  Olympia February 21st 9:00-9:30am sign in.  Hearing in front of the Public Safety Committee starts at 10am. 

For Liberty,

WAG State Director
Johnny Weaver


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