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Boycott Seattle burger chains on Feb 20

Seattle fast food workers have called for a citywide boycott of the big burger chains — McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s — on February 20th in support of a $15 an hour wage that boosts the economy and lifts workers out of poverty. Join us: Pack your lunch, spread the word, and show support for […]

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Tell the Port Commissioners to stand with the SeaTac community

Looks like Alaska Airlines and the Port of Seattle Commissioners don’t care about what voters say. The voters of SeaTac, by passing Proposition 1 the Good Jobs Initiative, have said that every airport job should be a good job. But now Alaska Airlines is trying to take that away. Tell the Port Commissioners to stop […]

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The long march for a $15/hr minimum wage

Last Thursday, on one of the coldest days in years, more than 100 fast food workers & community allies marched all the way from SeaTac to Seattle City Hall for $15 an hour — that’s 13+ miles and the temperature never got above freezing. A day-long march in the bone-chilling cold may sound pretty rough, […]