How will you help the Wall Street and Oct 6 protesters?

The Wall Street protests are getting media attention.  How will you help? What protests are planned for your community?

On Thursday, Oct. 6 there’ll be a large protest in D.C., directed not just at Wall Street corruption but also at the out-of-control militarism and the general corruption and lack of accountability in our nation’s capital.

Here are photos of protests at Westlake Park in Seattle:  I expect there will be more protests at Westlake.

Injustice is rampant. Let’s hope that the protests are (of course) peaceful and that they lead to constructive change and not to a resurgence of right wing populism or to anarchy.    If the protests encourage President Obama to ride the wave of progressive populism, that may be positive. But it’s also possible that the president will try to co-opt the movement without actually delivering.  And if the Tea Party benefits from the anger, that could be disastrous.

Occupy Worldwide:
Occupy Washington (State):
Occupy Seattle:
This facebook page
lists national resources for occupiers.

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