Voter's Pamphlet arrived: Brad Toft is a hard-right regressive

According to the Voter’s Pamphlet that arrived in the mail yesterday, fifth Legislative District state Senate candidate Brad Toft is  a hard-right regressive Republican. His Statement includes the following:

Smaller Government.  The legislature has failed to stop the growth of government, the overspending, the crushing regulations, overzealous environmentalism and taxes driving small businesses out of the state.

This is all nonsense that goes against the core of what Democrats and progressives believe in.

So it sure is perplexing that David Spring, a Democrat running for the state House in the 5th LD, has endorsed Toft.

Spring also accused Gov. Gregoire of bribing Republican Senator Cheryl Pflug. Spring says that Gregoire gave Pflug “a one million dollar bribe to help the Democratic Party steal her Senate seat here in East King County. ” (For details of Spring’s charges see this and Evidence Gov. Chris Gregoire Bribed Sen. Cheryl Pflug. )  The accusation against Gregoire makes sense, even if it’s controversial, risky, and, arguably, ill-timed.   But Spring’s endorsement of Toft has me, and many others, scratching our heads.

Spring has said that he will reveal additional information this week to clarify the reasons for his actions.

Can’t wait to find out.  Better be good!

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