Update on bringing progressive talk radio back to the Seattle area


Hello Progressive Radio Petition signers: We want you to give a “heads up!” about the article in the Thursday Seattle Times, 4/4/13. Great article! Get the “Scoop” on-line at:

Broadcasting a plea for progressive talk radio

Other News

Steph and the Mooks – KLAY AM 1180 has changed, and is now airing Stephanie Miller “live” 6:00 – 9:00 AM. According to Bruce of KLAY (I called him), Stephanie prefers to air during the live show time slot because they get listeners calling into her show! Lots of people will be happy to hear of this change, especially those who listen while getting ready for work, and those who can tune in to the station while commuting.

Thom Hartmann is still airing on KLAY AM 1180, 4:00-7:00 PM, and KBCS 91.3 FM, Noon-3:00 PM.

A team of people have volunteered to plan the 1090 Listener Rally. We will hear more soon!

We want to get over 10,000 signatures on the MoveOn petition. We may be having a media event to have the signatures physically printed and delivered! Please sign, even if you have already signed the Change.org petition:

Don’t let Seattle lose progressive radio! As a local radio listener, I pledge to support with my dollars any advertiser on any station that chooses to broadcast progressive programming.

If you sign the following petition too, CBS execs get an email notice directly from you!


We will bring progressive talk radio back to Seattle! Thanks for your help, interest and devotion!

Julia Chase and the PRS Team

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