Outrage as Road Killers help Republicans seize control of the Washington State Senate

Goldy reports on The Stranger’s Slog: Republicans Just Seized Control of the Washington State Senate.   Road Kill Democrats Jim Kastama, Tim Sheldon and Rodney Tom team up with Republicans to try and push through a regressive Republican budget. They used a parliamentary maneuver to force a vote on a Republican budget that hadn’t yet had a hearing.

This is explained in more detail here: Wash. Senate GOPers try to take over Dem budget.

Senator Nick Harper opines in Budget shenanigans a blow to transparency:

This nearly 300-page behemoth – which had been carefully kept secret from the public and from all but three Democratic senators until moments before it was motioned to the floor for a vote – will have an impact on every single Washingtonian.

It is reprehensible and indefensible that they had no say in the matter.

Also: BUDGET COUP UPDATE: GOP Unveils Alternative Budget, Set to Pass it Tonight, Special Session Looms

FUSE Washington reports: “It may be late on a Friday, but a lot of bad stuff is happening in Olympia. Three conservative Democrats – Jim Kastama, Rodney Tom, and Tim Sheldon – joined all 22 Republicans to seize control of our state senate and pass an extreme all-cuts budget with no public hearing. Tell Senators Tom, Kastama, and Sheldon to stop holding the senate hostage!”

On Facebook I’m seeing lots of comments by Democrats angry at these Road Killers. People are threatening primary battles and worse. “WA NARAL used to support him because he was pro-choice.” “There have to be consequences for making the last two months worth of legilslative work and process moot, an exercise in futility, and a huge waste of the people’s money – which is something you’d think would be a concern for a Roadkiller.” “Basically Rodney Tom can never be trusted to put WA citizens ahead of his agenda. Call his office at 360-786-7694 to voice your opinion.” “Would make a great dart board” (speaking of one of the Road Killer’s photos).  “Went all through school with him and boy I do not h ave a damn clue who he is now……definitely not a Democrat!”

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