These WA Legislature bills call for a limited constitutional convention to overturn Citizens United

The Washington State Senate is considering Senate Joint Memorial 8002 (SJM 8002) — Asking Congress to call a limited convention, authorized under Article V of the United States Constitution, for the purpose of proposing a free and fair elections amendment to that Constitution. The companion state house bill is HJM 4004.

You can read the text of the joint memorial here. Its aim, it appears, is to overturn Citizen’s United and to prevent wealthy donors from dominating elections.

Sponsors of the bill in the Senate are Kuderer, Palumbo, Wellman, and Takko. Sponsors of the House version are  Riccelli, Wylie, Kirby, Peterson, Cody, Fitzgibbon, Dolan, Orwall, Gregerson, Springer, Senn, Frame, Tarleton, Valdez, Ormsby, Pollet. I note that several of the sponsors are moderate (“corporate”) Democrats.

Some people have wondered whether the notion of a “limited” constitutional convention makes sense. Might the convention be hijacked by Republicans and used to wreck the Constitution?

There will be a hearing on Friday, Feb 22 at 1PM in Olympia to discuss the bill.

Wolf PAC and Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks will be at the hearing, as described in this email via Action Network from Supreet Kaur:

We all saw Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s brilliant yet simple explanation of the corrupting influence of corporate money. In Washington, we have a historic chance to actually end this problem.

On Friday Feb 22nd at 1 PM, the WA State Senate is holding a public hearing on bill SJM8002 Calling on Congress to exercise its authority under Article V of the United States Constitution to regulate money spent on elections. Our Revolution King County will be present to make a public comment and we will be joined by Wolf PAC and Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks. Can you join us and show your support?

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By showing up, you will make it clear that Washingtonians are tired of corporations having undue influence on OUR representatives. I hope to see you in Olympia on Feb 22nd.

Here is a faceboook video with Cenk Uygur in which he calls on people to go to Olympia to the hearing.

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