Software developers and medical workers should organize for income equality

I work as a software developer, and I’m thinking that there should be an organization of developers who advocate for income equality. We’re paid well, and some developers earn absurd incomes. The medical field is similar. High finance is even worse.

John Oliver reams wealthy, entitled ‘dweebs’ at tech awards show: ‘F*ck you, straight away’.

People who enjoy the benefits of capitalism and who have a conscience should be more vocal in saying things like: “We aren’t taxed enough!”  They should get together and fund ads and messaging to inform the people about the need for progressive taxation.

I’m aware that a significant proportion of developers (and physicians) are libertarian and either think they deserve their financial security or just don’t care about others so much.  Still, a lot of developers do care and would be willing to spend time and money for this cause.

If we can find some big name developers (physicians) to be spokespeople, that would raise awareness of this issue.

Would you join with Warren Buffet, etc. and help fix our broken tax system?

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