Fun For Everyone at Seattle's Monthly Art Build: Sunday the 16th from 1-4pm


Join progressive artists and activists from the greater Seattle area.

This Sunday February 16th is Seattle’s Monthly Community Art & Imagery Build Party at the Fremont Abbey!

Where: Fremont Abbey located at 4272 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103

Who: You, your friends, and other artists, progressive minded activists, organizers and those who like to have fun and build community using our hands to make beautiful art.

When: Every 3rd Sunday. (February 16th, March 16th)From 1 – 4:30 pm

Showing off Monthly Art Build WaresRSVP on Facebook!

Make visible and vibrant the progressive values and vision we share. Lets create a future worthy of passing onto the next generation. Support and amplify the progressive grassroots movement for human rights, dignity, and ecological well-being while we create a stronger Seattle Community.

No prior skills or experience necessary. We welcome you to share your gifts and passion however you enjoy expressing them.

“we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”, -Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Join us to offer ideas of imagery that your group wants support creating at the next art builds!

Oil Train from art buildLast Sunday we made:

  • A Firey Leeky Oil Train prop (Erika Merz & Peter Weston deserves special gratitude for their artistic skill & guidance).
  • A deer fencing banner “Rise Up!” for the MLK march
  • Beautiful and colorful batik banners for MLK March.
  • Gorgeous and colorful batik water banners for Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary. Find out about the effort to establish the sanctuary HERE
Supplies wish list (please let us know what you can bring):
  • leftover latex paint: white primer for lettering, black for oil cars (we need lots of this), Red, Orange and Yellow for engine and fire. Prime colors are best, but we’ll take what you have.
  • webbing (long lenghs of 1″ width or so) for straps and leftover fabric for the packs that we’ll make later in the month
  • Old Campaign signs (coroplast, larger the better)
  • Fabric, large rolls of fabric especially 100% cotton is WONDERFUL

Support artists and organizers by making a              contribution for materials and their skilled guidance.              (Just put "Seattle Community Art Build" in the              dedication section)
Support artists and organizers by making a contribution for materials and their skilled guidance. (Just put “Seattle Community Art Build” in the dedication section)






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