Resolution Opposing the Choice of Cory Booker as Keynote Speaker at the 2012 WA State Democratic Gala

WHEREAS the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, Cory Booker,  has been invited to give the keynote speech at the 2012 WA State Democratic Convention gala event; and
WHEREAS the Obama campaign has recently released a very effective and hard-hitting ad attacking Romney’s Bain Capital for its practice of buying companies, gutting their assets and then driving them into bankruptcy; and
WHEREAS on the May 20, 2012 edition of Meet the Press, Booker described these ads attacking Mitt Romney as “nauseating,” comparing them to the foiled $10 million plan to remind voters that Obama was a longtime parishioner of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright; and
WHEREAS the Republican National Committee has started a Stand with Cory Booker petition drive; and
WHEREAS there is a great deal of popular rage across the political spectrum about the investment and banking policies that have led to substantial deindustrialization and loss of family wage jobs over the last thirty years; and
WHEREAS Democrats have traditionally advocated for the economic interests of working families over those of the financial sector; and
WHEREAS Mr. Walker is an advocate for charter schools  — a position at odds with the pro-union, pro-public education stance of the Democratic Party;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the ____________________ urge the WA State Democratic Party to withdraw its invitation to Cory Booker and invite a speaker more in tune with the concerns of the 99%
Submitted to ___________  by ___________ on ____________
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