Primary Election? Did we have one?

Tell me about the results that you are tracking.

as for me, I was working on the Thomas Bjorgen Court of Appeals campaign and that one has my interest right now.

Turnout was low. I think it was first primary in August and maybe competing with the Olympics played a part as well, but anyway you look at it, the election turnout yesterday looks a little low. Secretary of State shows turnout at 22.1%.

I was at election night party for my friend, Thomas Bjorgen, who is running for the Court of Appeals, Division 2, Position 2. That election was a real scramble with six candidates traversing six counties to get the top two positions and advance to the regular election. Pam Loginsky did well in all six counties and was the top vote-getter overall. Thomas Bjorgen appears to be in second place and ready to take on congrats, Tom.  What's with that clean desk?Loginsky in the regular election. I think Loginsky worked hard for votes, she is a qualified candidate to be on the bench, and she is backed by some powerful folks who want her on the bench. In a six name race with five men opposing, I think she also was the beneficiary of WA gender politics. We like to elect women in this State. I think there is some reason to believe that change may be available through simple gender choices in elections, but in this regular election match-up, I will be working for the election of Thomas Bjorgen. He will be a wonderful judge. Fair, considerate, beholden to none and inclined to uphold the law over and over and not play politics for any powerful interests… except ours, the electorate.

We will be watching the votes as they continue to be counted over the next few days, but last night and this morning I am thinking that it is Bjorgen and Loginsky in the regular election.

Happy Wednesday morning to all you sleepy election wonks out there.

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