Poll shows strong support for repealing WA tax breaks to fund Basic Health

From the Democratic Underground:

The ElderCare Alliance included a question in the statewide Elway Poll conducted last week with regard to the new proposal to repeal a set of tax breaks and use the money generated to fund the Basic Health Care Program. The question describes the plan contained in House Bill 1847 introduced by Rep. Cody and twenty two others. The question, methodology and complete results are attached.

Top line results are that 61% of respondents support the proposal, 28% are opposed, and 11% are undecided.

The poll results reported here are just the latest in a series of polls that clearly indicate that the “message” of the voters in November was much more complicated than the simplified ”all cuts” mantra that has dominated the budget debate so far.

Know of any similar polls?   Thanks to Aaron Keating of EOI for letting me know about this poll.

[Note: normally I’d add just a Link to the article — see left sidebar –  but the article is important enough that I thought it worthy of posting as a short article here.]

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