Physicians for a National Health Program annual meeting, July 17 at UW

Physicians fora  National Health Program, 2014 Annual Public Meeting, Sat July 17, Kane Hall, UW

We’re all aware that U.S. healthcare outcomes are still lagging way behind those of other countries, even though we’re spending twice as much.

Several states are now grappling with making healthcare a human right – a public good, not-for-profit.

Here in WA State, a coalition of organizations has come together determined to get this done. A federal waiver allowing states to become healthcare innovators will be available in 2017.

Please join us for our Physicians for a National Health Program, Western Washington Chapter, annual public meeting. Hear Seattle Councilmember Kshama Sawant talk about organizing for social justice in the age of austerity. Another speaker will emphasize the clear advantages of single payer healthcare in Canada and internationally. We’ll also hear about how the campaign for healthcare as a human right in Maine and other states can inform our actions here. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

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