Petition by progressives in support of Texas Seceding from the USA

Whereas, More than 100,000 people have signed the right wing Petition For a Free and Independent Texas ;
Whereas, At least half a dozen groups in Texas have been promoting the secession effort;
Whereas, Texas politicians such as George W. Bush and Rick Perry have done great damage to our nation;
Whereas, Texas has 38 votes in the electoral college, second only to California’s 55 votes;
Whereas, Texas’s delegation to the House of Representatives consists of 12 Democrats and 24 Republicans; and
Whereas, The secession of Texas would shift national politics to the left and would greatly aid the establishment of justice and compassion in our nation;
Therefore, We the undersigned progressive citizens declare our support for the secession of Texas from the United States of America.

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US Flag with Texas Blacked Out

Some comments from signers

  • Texas can take a hike.
  • Great idea!
  • As one born and raised in Texass, I am constantly embarrassed by my state. I left, as I have now left the United Corporate Police States of Amerika. Hell yes, let Texass secede, no force them to, and build a damn wall around it to keep them out. Apologies to the good people I know that are still there.
  • What a lovely fantasy! Granted, this will never occur, at least in my lifetime, but it’s a wondrous thing to imagine…an entire state choking on its own trifecta of ignorance, hatred and utter lack of critical thinking skills.
  • Presumably, Texas could become the National Haven for Lesser Minds, armed to the teeth, religious as all get-out, pure white, sticky with oil, bereft of wildlife, and fit to be tied! My blessings, this effort took the words right out of my mouth: Dim and deluded? Texas wants you!
  • Please go! But any progressives left in TX are welcome in NM…
  • Give ’em back to Mexico, if they’ll have ’em.
  • Free the Texans from the onerous duty of living up to the Constitution of the United States of America!
  • Require Visas for travel back to the USA, cease all retirement checks,cease all VA benefits, toll all roads exiting, to pay for all past investments and US property.
  • This is an idea whose time has come! May you get an overwhelming amount of signatures to help these people in their quest to secede from the US!
  • Let’s help them!
  • Texas should be free to pursue its own theocratic, corporatist ideals – and free to leave the rest of us to evolve and move forward without their interference. Everybody wins!
  • Let Texas secede effective Jan 2, 2014. That date will allow the transfer of all US institutions which currently are housed in Texas. That includes but is not limited to military bases, hospitals, research centers, Air and Space, all government offices, the US Postal Service, etc. Texas will be required to pay for any US property left behind. Fair market value will be determined by US Representatives from the States of Massachusetts and Wyoming according to the current numbers of their Representatives. Further, the US shall not intervene if and when Mexico invades Texas to return Texas to Mexico.
  • It seems like a good idea, to me.
  • Oh poor Texas. Don’t leave mad…just leave!
  • Bye Bye Texas
  • Great idea!
  • The South Shall Rise AGAYYYYNNNNNN!!!!
  • Leave us Austin and San Antonio
  • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
  • Now here is a conservative idea that is based in reality!
  • Give it back to Mexico, what do you mean they don’t want it.
  • Now here is a conservative idea that is based in reality!
  • The sooner the better!

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