Paul Cienfuegos Workshops in Shelton, February 11th

PaulPaul Cienfuegos, Evergreen alum Cienfuegos is back with us to discuss the history of corporate rights and the community rights movement that has sprung up in response to unfettered corporate power.

Many folks were with us last November for an introductory workshop.  If you want to take part in the advanced workshop tomorrow, show up at 3 pm at the PUD Building in Shelton.  We will have community potluck and music by Ava Arvest, a talented and lovely singer songwriter, then we will have the advanced workshop beginning at 4 pm and running to 6 pm about the community rights movement and how you can join the movement.

If you missed Paul’s intro workshop in November, please show up at 1:00 for the intro workshop on corporate rights.  Suggested donation of $10 to $20 per workshop please.  Carpool if you can.  No one turned away for lack of $$.

We will have a party after with open mic, conviviality and conversation at the The Grove Brewhouse in Shelton.

Here is the Facebook event page for more information.

See you there!

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