Nick Hanauer's foundation and political work

This month’s American Prospect has an article on the Colorado model for turning a state progressive blue: use mega-donors who care and coordinate with unions like SEUI. The article says, “In Washington state, venture capitalist Nick Hanauer was one of the first to kick-start a donor network that has been working for several years to turn the state senate Democratic…”

Nick Hanauer co-founded the League of Education Voters (LEV), which has done excellent work in getting funding for schools and overturning Eyman initiatives. But LEV also supports charter schools. See…/public-charter-schools/.

American Prospect says Hanauer, who is worth about $1 billion, gave $5 million to Democratic candidates and has funded efforts to establish gun background checks and  state income taxes.  He sits on the board of the Democracy Alliance, the national liberal donor club.

The economic theories behind Nick Hanauer’s support of I-1098, this ballotpedia article, and Tech allies at odds: Bezos, Hanauer split over income tax describe Hanauer’s support for I-1098, the 2010 income tax initiative for Washington State.

David Goldstein (Goldy) has recently started working with Hanauer’s foundation.

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