More concerns about Fuse's voters guide

I got email this morning from MoveOn, about Fuse Washington’s so-called “Progressive Voters Guide.”

As reported earlier here, Fuse is non-committal on the topic of charter schools: “Most progressive organizations are opposing I-1240. Because there are progressive education advocates on both sides of this initiative, we asked each of the campaigns to present their case.”   A progressive advocacy group should be strongly opposed to charter schools, which would drain precious funds from public schools.

The guide lists the “League of Education Voters” as a progressive organization, though it’s goal is to defund public education and support charter schools.

What also pisses me off is their non-committal stance on the 41st LD State Senate race between Democrat Maureen Judge and Republicon Steve Litzow. See Fuse’s endorsement page for the 41st LD: “Although both candidates have progressive endorsements in this race, most progressive organizations are supporting Maureen Judge…Endorsements and Supporters [of Litzow] include: League of Education Voters, Washington Conservation Voters, Cascade Bicycle Club, Equal Rights Washington, SEIU Healthcare 775 NW.”

In the details panel about Litzow, Fuse does say: “But Litzow voted for the Senate Republicans’ surprise budget coup that threw the Senate into gridlock. As part of that conservative takeover, Litzow voted to cut $74 million in education funding and kill the Reproductive Parity Act, which was a top priority for Planned Parenthood and NARAL.”

If you check out Fuse’s recommendations for your LD, by clicking here, please let me know if they’re reasonable, by emailing me ( or adding a comment here.

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