Letter to Marc Styles on the Backbone Campaign's light projection about TPP

In Protesters light up a Seattle building with their message — and it’s legal, Marc Styles of Puget Sound Business Journal reported on a light projection in opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership by the Backbone Campaign. Here’s my letter to Mr. Styles.

Dear Mr. Stiles,

I really appreciate that you stopped and took the time to check in about our light projection action.

The TPP is an extremely relevant issue for NW businesses. If signed, the TPP will not merely cause the US to do away with/bring into compliance any laws that favor Made in America/Buy American, but also laws that favor locally made solar panels, local food in schools, labeling, etc. And this is what we know from leaks! Even under Bush, the FTA and under Clinton NAFTA were were negotiated in transparency – not secrecy.

Backbone Campaign’s bias is for a future with resilient local economies that are sustainable in their use of energy and the flow of human and natural
resources – Not under the tyranny of unaccountable corporate tribunals that fine governments for asserting sovereignty or uplifting the aspirations of their people. To me this is a paradigmatic battle between the paradigm of “profit with impunity” VS a social contract and economy based on inalienable rights and the stewardship of our environment for future generations.

My hope is that NW businesses also want resilient local economies that are sustainable over generations, that protect the beauty and bounty of this place we are blessed to live.

Thank you again for taking the time to top by and inquiring about free speech and property rights. I hope that you follow this with a deeper look into the issue we were attempting to shine a light on.


Bill Moyer
Executive Director
Backbone Campaign

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