Interactive 3D visualization of U.S. Military Bases Worldwide

Click here for an interactive 3D visualization of U.S. military bases worldwide, using three.js.  (Alternative location is here.)

The visualization includes data from 1746 bases. About 700 of the base are in U.S. states and territories; the rest are on foreign soil.  The data comes from public sources and is approximate; it does not cover all bases. Sources are shown below.

Click and drag to rotate the earth. Arrow keys move the camera; so does the mouse scroll wheel.

The visualization is interactive: if you click on or near a base icon (a US flag), the page will display details about the base on the left, in a table.   Not all bases have details beyond location. Clicking on some base icons brings up multiple entries in the table on the left.

In some cases, clicking a base brings up a base on the opposite side of the globe (a bug), as well as the correct base.

If the interactivity doesn’t work for you, try switching browsers (e.g., to chrome), or try refreshing the page.

Source of data is entirely public:

List of United States military bases


More info about U.S. bases: Tomgram: David Vine, Our Base Nation 

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