Gregoire endorses Suzan DelBene, repeats GOP talking points about taxes

“I know Suzan DelBene personally. I put her private sector experience to work for our state as Director of the Department of Revenue. Suzan immediately went to work to help close the state’s budget gap while easing the burden on small businesses.”

That last phrase repeats and reinforces a Republican talking point: that taxes are an evil “burden” on businesses.

Gregoire continues, “She proposed reforms to the tax system to cut red tape for small businesses, implemented an innovative tax amnesty program, and cracked down on companies [other than Microsoft!] that were cheating the state out of taxes.”

Despite all the anti-tax innuendo, Gregoire claims that DelBene will be “an effective voice for our progressive values.”

Anti-DelBene mailing from Laura Ruderman's mom

Anti-DelBene mailing from Laura Ruderman's mom

See also Darcy Burner’s latest 17 second ad and Attack ad against 1st CD candidate Suzan DelBene.

(Thanks to Erna Berghuys for scanning the fliers.)

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