The founders crafted a Federal system

The founders crafted a Federal system, with a strong central government, because society under the Articles of Confederation wasn’t working.    The Constitution asks the Federal government to provide for THE GENERAL WELFARE and to do lots of other things to secure our safety.   People who believe libertarian fantasies about minimal government should move to Somalia and see if they like life there.  Government isn’t the problem, corruption is the problem. Politicians and others calling for less government often just want to enrich the rich and allow the corporations free reign.

Without government, we’d be hunter-gatherers.  And violence, ignorance, disease and superstition were endemic in such societies.  Thanks to government we have education, science, literature, trade, sanitation, laws, commerce,  public health initiatives, and the Internet.  Government is great!

The problem with government isn’t that it’s too big. The problem is that it’s often corrupted. But the solution is to fix the corruption, not to get rid of government.

See Government is Good and  Government is Great! and The General Welfare.

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