Flush the TPP, actions in Seattle

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Pull The Democracy Dismantling TPP Out Of The Shadows & Into Public Scrutiny

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Send a email RSVP to let us know we can count on you. Join the facebook event HERE
We need 20+ friends to mobilize the messages.With more than 10 cities participating and key negotiators of the secret Corporate Coup about to meet in Salt Lake City, Utah, join Seattle friends to mobilize impressive night time visibility tactics.

  • 4:30pm – 6pm
  • Overpass at NE 50th Street and 7th Avenue NE Seattle WA (http://goo.gl/maps/fNuQg).
  • Best to park on the street West of I-5
  • Call 805-776-3882 for ?’s.

TPP Actions Around The CountryRise up to stop the global corporate coup and FLUSH the TPP! The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the latest and largest proposed free trade agreement and it’s being negotiated behind closed doors. Its transnational corporate architects have the U.S. Trade Rep. requesting Fast Track authority to get it passed without real Congressional or public oversight. It’s a disaster for human rights, worker rights, the environment, and democracy.

We can stop the TPP by stopping Fast Track! Let’s pull the TPP out of the shadows and into public scrutiny. This is part of a coordinated day of action with day and night visibility actions taking place in Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, Portland, San Diego, Baltimore, Spokane, Olympia, Bellingham, Seattle, and more!

Help amplify the message by tweeting the media and twitterstorming your representative! #VoteNoFastTrack @FLUSHtheTPP
@backboneprog Get your Congressional representatives Twitter handles at http://pdamerica.org/tpp (and selecting their state in the drop down TPP menu).




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