Environmentalists target Rodney Tom

Washington Conservation Voters is holding a canvass/door-to-door  On Tuesday, March 11 from 3PM to 5PM to in Rodney Tom’s district, the 48th LD, to inform voters of his bad deeds with respect to thwarting environmental legislation.     See details here.

They write:

As the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Rodney Tom must be held responsible for his caucus’ decisions. This session, Senator Tom’s Environmental Committee Chair (Sen. Doug Ericksen, 0% WCV Lifetime Score) have: brought climate deniers in to testify, have proposed a Senate Budget that extends a loophole to out-of-state oil companies for millions of dollars and has even refused to hold hearings on environmental bills that passed the House in a bi-partisan fashion. These are bills that would have protected our community from toxic chemicals and volatile and hazardous oil trains!

We need to set the priorities straight in Olympia and there is only one more opportunity left this session. Washington Conservation Voters is going door-to-door this Tuesday to talk to voters in the 48th District about closing the Big Oil Tax Loophole.

Combined with Tom’s squashing of a bipartisan bill, SB 6313 to help the homeless (see Rodney Tom harms the homeless) and the Senate’s opposition to a transportation bill that would fund Metro Transit, Rodney Tom has given more than enough reason for voters to kick him out of office.

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